O mankind! To you I exclamed.
Hear instruction and be wise ,
do not refuse it.
Blessed are those who listen to me .
I belong to God since the beginning of his work ,
before some of his works of old .
I fixed from eternity,
before the creation of the earth.
While no ocean ,
As yet there are plenty of water fountains ,
Before the mountains were erected,
and ahead of the hills.
When he has not made ​​the earth and fields,
or dust that was first in the world .
I was born.
When he stretched out the sky,
When he formed the horizon at sea level ,
When he set the clouds above,
and when water sources are in rapid flare ,
When he decided the limit for ocean
so that the water does not violate the order,
When It marked the policies of the earth ,
At that point, I was at his side as an Architect
O mankind! To you I exclaimed
I have understanding and power .
I stayed along with intelligence.
and I have the knowledge and wisdom .
I stepped on the path of truth,
in the middle path of justice .
I say these things are noble ,
and my words are things straight .
My mouth will tell the truths,
and all my words are true things .
advice and mature consideration belong to me.
great riches and honor are also belong to me
Because who does not find me, hurt herself .
But who’s found me, found alive.
Because I , the king commaded
and a fair set of rules .
Because I , the leaders and nobles
Because I’m worth more than everything
the coveted people and can not be compared
little to do with me.
That all is clear to those with understanding ,
and so bright for those who are have knowledge

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