Comparing Clouds : IaaS Scalability Options

Richard Seroter's Architecture Musings

In my first post of this series, I looked at the provisioning experience of five leading cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers. No two were alike, as each offered a unique take.

Elasticity is an oft-cited reason for using the cloud, so scalability is a key way to assess the suitability of a given cloud to your workloads. Like before, I’ll assess Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, AWS, CenturyLink Cloud, and Digital Ocean. Each cloud will be evaluated based on the ability to scale vertically (i.e. add/remove instance capacity) and horizontally (i.e. add/remove instances) either manually or automatically.

Let’s get going in alphabetical order.

DISCLAIMER: I’m the product owner for the CenturyLink Cloud. Obviously my perspective is colored by that. However, I’ve taught three well-received courses on AWS, use Microsoft Azure often as part of my Microsoft MVP status, and spend my day studying the cloud market and playing with cloud…

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