Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule, Investor’s Schedule

Hunter Walk

You know it’s a really good blog post when the engineers are sending it to the product managers instead of the other way around. PG’s Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule was one that rocketed around YouTube teams when it was originally published summer of 2009. The basic gist is that productive teams should contain large blocks of no meeting, no interruption time so that makers can work without having to context shift. Google would periodically ask product managers to “refactor” schedules – drop or modify unnecessary standing meetings, cull non-essential people from the room. Over 10+ years in product management I became more skilled at finding the efficient frontier.

When I moved over to the investing side with Homebrew that all kind of fell apart. I lacked the muscle memory and experience to always make the highest ROI decisions about how to spend my time. Even more challenging was that my…

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